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one woman drove three hours from massachusetts to bringing teddy bears. >> the bear is for each child. >> reporter: there was no school today, so some parents brought their children to a local recreation center to have some fun. >> exactly what the kids need after such a, you know, terrible tragedy. >> reporter: crews are renovating an old school in a nearby town for students who survived the shooting. it's expected the building will be ready for classes later this week. sandy hook elementary school remains a crime scene and it is not known if it will ever reopen. investigators tell cbs news that over the course of years, adam lanza and his mother made a number of visits to multiple gun ranges. the most recent visit by adam lanza, six months ago. randall pinkston, back to you. >> have they found any prior history are violence in adam lanza's life? >> reporter: if they have, they have not announced it to
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reporters. we know that they have gone through his laptops, combing through evidence from the lanza home. we also know according to a marriage counselor that adam lanza's parents during their divorce proceedings were very concerned about him. they both were cooperative. they wanted to make sure he was getting the care that he needed. that counselor says that the mother described him as having been diagnosed with asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. >> thank you, randall pinkston in newtown, connecticut. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo has been talking to bay area school administrators who admit there are limits to what they can do to keep students safe. >> reporter: there is an one expectation. we send our children to school and they come home safe and a little smarter. what happened in connecticut breached that agreement. >> how do you adequately
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prepare for something like this? it's just beyond anyone's expectations. it has rocked us all to the core. it's everyone's worst nightmare. >> reporter: like everyone else the san ramon valley unified school district mourns the loss of the young children in newtown while knowing they have thousands of students in their care they need to keep safe. the state superintendent of schools sent out a letter friday reminding schools to review their safety and security procedures. >> we do multiple drills and intruder on campus drills that are specific toward that kind of an issue or incident. >> reporter: that involved children? >> yeah. yeah. and there are ways to do that without heightening people's level of anxiety. >> reporter: they use code words during drills. there are two schools of thought on this, though. antioch public schools don't use code words believing they can be confusing. >> we don't use code words. we let it be known through the loudspeaker system that we have an active intruder, lockdown, lockdown, lockdown. >> reporter: in antioch they are in the process of reviewing
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their security practices as they do twice a year. >> lock their classroom. keep the students away from the door and the windows. they listen for further instructions. if the intruder is on a certain side of the campus, where it's safe to evacuate their classroom, they will be instructed to evacuate to get out of harm's way. >> reporter: san ramon sent out this letter to reassure parents and districtwide they have another issue to tackle. new schools are built with safety in mind a circling of the wagons structure. older schools are open and vulnerable. >> i think one of the things we are going to look at without question is physical layouts of schools. >> reporter: many police and fire departments now have electronic maps of every school so they can react faster. but both districts say metal detectors and armed guards are not answer. that's not the climate we want in our schools. >> we're talking about a loss of innocence here. i think this was something that -- i didn't think this was something that was even possible in our country but it
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is. >> reporter: it may seem after if schools are being targeted but i was reminded today that school violence is on the decline. elizabeth, it's been dropping since the 1990s. >> thank you, ann notarangelo. a california senator will introduce a bill next month to ban assault weapons. >> here in this elementary school, look what happened 6- year-olds with three to 11 bullets from this bushmaster in their bodies, 20 of them. is this america? i don't think so. >> senator dianne feinstein also wants to ban large ammunition clips. feinstein says that she has heard from pro gun democrats who now seem willing to support changes to gun laws. but the idea of new gun restrictions is likely to cause a fierce political fight. cbs 5 reporter grace lee on a state senator who knows that all too well. grace. >> reporter: senator leland yee fought for more gun corollas
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year in the wake of the colorado aurora movie theater shootings. it failed. but now he says he is not afraid of a tough fight and believes that california needs to lead the nation as they have often done in the past. 23 years ago the cleveland elementary school shooting left five kids dead and 29 wounded. it's now known as the stockton massacre. and it led to an outright ban on assault weapons in california. we though it couldn't get any worse. >> the connecticut shooting is a wake-up call for america. >> reporter: until now, with 20 children shot and killed in newtown, connecticut, senator leland yee says it's time to stop the mayhem. he wants to reintroduce the bullet button ban which failed last year. the bullet button allows gun users to get around the state ban on detachable magazines because you can simply use a tool in this case a bullet to release the magazine. >> it's as if we don't have an assault weapons ban in the state of california with the bullet buttons assault rifle.
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what you can do is buy a magnet and you can easily load and unload these magazines. >> reporter: senator yee wants to go further by adding yearly background checks on gun owners and mental health evaluations, put limits on ammunition, and increase safe gun storage requirements. >> right now people are being reactionary but the laws have no impact. >> reporter: gene hoffman is the chair of cal guns and fights for gun rights. but he does not believe bans on assault weapons or other gun parts are the way to prevent violence. >> if we're serious about trying to make these things stop happening, we have to notice that they always happen in what are gun-free zones. certainly i don't know that we are going to be able to get guns in schools. maybe we can do that with police officers. but my gosh, why can't we have tasers for administrators and teachers? >> reporter: leland yee says part of the reason his bullet button ban failed last year is
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because some legislators said we didn't need it because technically attorney general kamala harris could change the regulation herself. while her spokesman said today that may be true, the ag believes she would face a losing legal battle if she changed the regulation herself and the better more effective way is to go through the state legislature. but as you well know, allen, in covering this story, they have been tossing this issue back and forth between the two of them. >> i'm sure that the senator talked about the gun lobby and how strong it is and the personal attacks he took when he initially tried to change the law. >> reporter: it's been a tough fight for him. but you know what? he says after something like this, with public sentiment so strong, this may be the time to really take control and change the laws of our state. >> we'll see. thank you, grace lee. both oakland and san francisco planned gunning buy back this is past weekend long before the tragedy in connecticut but the mass shooting may have pushed more people to unload their weapons. cars stretched around the block in oakland where officers bought the weapons saturday morning no questions asked.
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cbs 5 political insider phil matier shows us how the buyback brought together some interesting partnerships. >> reporter: this is one of the more unusual partnerships we have ever seen but today, nobody was arguing with the results. here's the story. >> this is a semi-automatic pistol. this would go over your arm and up on your shoulder so you can carry it underneath your clothing. this one actually has a bayonet. >> reporter: that was opd officer joanna watson showing off a few of the 596 guns including three assault weapons that were taken off the street of oakland and san francisco during this weekend's big gun buyback. one day after the connecticut school shootings. >> this on the heels of what took place on friday shows that the community is very -- becoming very sensitive, very concerned about violence. >> we set up at 9 a.m. and we had people in line as of 6 a.m.
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as if they were waiting for a raiders gain. >> reporter: the buyback was financed with a $100,000 in cash from this oakland pot collective. >> it's part of our philosophy of what i call capitalism with a consciousness. >> reporter: who did the selling? and who did the buying and who put up the money? didn't matter today. >> these are guns that could fall into the wrong hands by burglary, resale, god only knows. >> reporter: while many of the sell, said they were acting as a result of the sandy hook shootings, youth uprising director simmons said there was another reason why people waited up to eight hours to turn in a gun. the $200 in cash. >> in this economic downturn people were so grateful for the money for the $200. >> reporter: well, whatever the reason, i can tell you there are a lot of cops here in oakland and in san francisco that are relieved that the
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firearms are in police custody. back to you. >> thank you. a bay area family tied up by home intruders. the robbers' disguise. what they got away with. >> it's been very, very stressful for more than 400 people around this area. >> an entire neighborhood facing eviction this holiday season. why some argue these homes should be saved. >> and good monday evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno. the radar, hi-def doppler is dry right now, but guess what. more soaking rain heading towards northern california. find out when it's going to get here as we look live outside. your forecast is coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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offenders. the a-c-l-u says that constitutes free speech protected by a federal judge in san francisco is considering the use of social media by sex offenders. the aclu says that constitutes free speech protected by the u.s. constitution. the group is challenging a provision of prop 35 that voter-
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approved proposition requiring sex offenders give authorities a list of their internet providers and screen names. the judge gave no indication of how he might rule. police are looking for three men who tied up a san francisco family and robbed them during an overnight break- in. it happened at a home on sloat boulevard in the pine lake park neighborhood. police say the men were wearing ski masks when they forced their way in at about 3 a.m. and confronted the family inside. >> at least one of the suspects was armed with a handgun and was able to get the victims to comply and they were bound and the house was ransacked and the property was taken. >> the family had gates across the front door but police say the men got in through a window. they got away with about $500 in cash as well as some jewelry and clothes. it's not something you expect to see in upscale palo alto. but buena vista mobile home
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park has been a fixture on el camino real since the 1920s. now the landlord wants to evict the tenants and build high-rise apartments. the low income tenants will have a hard time finding housing. >> reporter: they will have a hard time finding anything comparable. they are trying to remain festivity throughout this holiday season but they can't help but think this is going to be their last christmas here. in a city where the average home price is well over a million dollars, the it's a place almost anyone can afford but the question is, how much longer will palo alto's buena vista mobile home park remain home to the more than 100 low- income families who live here? >> we want a place to stay. it's been stressful for more than 400 people around this area in buena vista. >> reporter: she has lived in the 1950s trailer for 18 years but she was informed by mail that the property owners are
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moving ahead with plans to evict the residents including 125 children. the plan is to move out the low income people and build a 180 unit upper income apartment building on the land. >> kids are very sad. they don't know where they're going. they're crying. they think no more home. no more school. no neighbors. no friends. >> too much problem for me and for my kids. >> reporter: the owner of the property declined to comment on his plans. >> we do not want these families and these children to end up homeless any of them. >> reporter: opponents may not be able to stop the plans but several community groups are, woulding to ensure the process follows city guidelines protecting residents' rights and assisting those who would be forced to move. >> we view this park and these people as very valuable parts of the palo alto community. and for them to lose their homes in our community or for our community to lose them as
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members of our community is just something if there is any way we can avoid we want to. >> reporter: one factor in the residents' favor is the fact that the city of palo alto city council will have to approve a change in the use permit although it's not required right now, the city could put on a requirement there that the new apartment building will have a certain number of units designated as low-income housing. >> thank you, len ramirez. a two-alarm fire that tore through an oakland apartment building left four people without a place to stay. it broke out this morning in a top floor unit at the three- story complex near warfield. no one was hurt but the fire did $100,000 in damage. no word yet on the cause. if that wasn't enough another warning today about the danger of holiday house fires. this scene, courtesy of firefighters on the peninsula. they wanted to show how fast that christmas tree can turn into a holiday disaster.
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>> the point is that we don't want bad things to happen. we want everybody to have a very safe holiday season so we're showing people what not to do and what to think about and not do this year. >> the chief says the best way to prevent fires from happening is to show people what can go wrong if some basic safety precautions are not taken. meteorologist paul deanno is preparing us for a very cold and rainy next few weeks, right? >> two things that come to mind with winter in the bay area. we get more rainfall and we get more cold and guess what, we got both coming up over the next six days. we are going to coming in parts. first up the cold, the cold front moves through today. ahead of that front, we had some of the warmest weather we have had in a while, although these numbers and the high they're higher than the past for or five days. napa, oakland, half moon bay all hit 60. san jose topped out at 58. concord, san francisco, 57 degrees for a high today. now that the front is through, cbs 5 hi-def doppler is not picking up any showers, only the slightest chance of a shower overnight tonight but
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how about what's going on in the mountains? couple of new feet of snow over the weekend, two to four more inches of new snow this evening. winter storm warning continues for the western slopes of the sierra. travel pretty rough on highway 50 and 80. wind gusts to 35 miles per hour. a lot more snow coming up later this week. we had this upper level low pressure area move through that friday ushering in the winter type feel highs in the low 50s over the weekend. now a cold front moved through so we'll be dry the next couple of days and chilly especially tomorrow night into wednesday morning. some of you will be down near freezing perhaps even the upper 20s in our inland valleys so the winter item number one on the list is the cold. we get that tomorrow and wednesday. but we will be mainly dry. now number 2 is the rainfall. we are going to have low pressure retreating to the north opening up the rainfall to move in and we are going to have a decent amount of rainfall coming in as soon as thursday morning and that will likely last about four days. so we're dry and chilly tomorrow. lows down near freezing
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tomorrow night, wednesday morning. and then a soggy pattern takes over starting thursday. and if you were planning on doing some shopping over the weekend, chances for all of us -- it's going to be pretty wet on both saturday and sunday. so highs tomorrow low 50s. that's it. let's get back to the weather maps real quick. we're talking low 50s for napa, vallejo, 54 for oakland, san francisco 52. your extended forecast, dry and chilly through wednesday. then rain thursday, friday, saturday and sunday all with the rain chance and we'll keep those highs pretty chilly own in the mid- to upper 50s. and that is your cbs 5 forecast. >> thank you. some of the perks of traveling on southwest are flying out the window. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, what you'll have to pay for that you never had to before. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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small business saturday.. n, it's free shipping day. and online shoppers have on ke advantage we have black friday, cyber monday, small business saturday. now it's free shipping day. >> online shoppers have only a few hours left to take advantage of free shipping being offered by hundreds of retailers. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts warns about the gotchas. >> reporter: online retailers aren't offering free shipping because they are nice. it increases sales. more than 1700 are offering some version of free shipping today. but it may come with a catch. for example, most have a minimum purchase requirement to get free shipping and many only offer free shipping if you purchase specific items be sure to compare prices. sites may charge you more for your purchase you can lose money by saving on shipping. and finally, just because they offer free shipping doesn't mean it will arrive by
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christmas. you may find you have pay extra for rush delivery. southwest airlines famous for its bags fly free slogan has new fees next year. for the first two checked bags it will still be free but in its goal to generate $100 million in revenue the airline will raise the fee for a third bag from $25 to $75. it will also double the overweight fee to $100. the airline is hiking the early boarding fees from 10 to 12.50. and one plan fee that is sure up to set southwest fans a no show fee if you don't cancel some tickets before departure. and remember, if you have a consumer problem, give us a call 1-888-5-helps-u. >> one way or another they're going to get you. >> yes. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour, the new push for stronger gun control laws in the light of school shooting. >> how the mayor of new york city is pouring on the pressure for tougher regulations. >> and what schools in one bay area city started doing before the shooting in connecticut to
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make things safer for students. >> after weeks of deadlock between the white house and republicans, how one side has caved in the fight over the "fiscal cliff." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald
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now at 6:30? >> the30 the fallout and search for answers in the wake of the shooting. while the rest of the country searches for answers, the community of newtown starts burying victims. two 6-year-old boys were laid to rest today. police say the school, which is now a crime scene, may not be used again for months, if ever. nancy lanza, the mother of the gunman, adam lanza, and his first victim, is being remembered as a sociable but private person. a new cbs poll shows support for tougher gun laws at its highness 10 years. >> we are the only industrialized country that has this problem in the whole world, the only one. and that's why we need immediate national action from the president and from congress. it should be at the top of their agenda. >> new york mayor michael bloomberg also pushing for tougher national gun regulations. the mayor was surrounded today
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by dozens of people whose lives have been affected by gun violence. coping with a tragedy like the one in connecticut hard for adults but young children are also trying to make sense of it. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us how one bay area school district is handling this sensitive issue. >> every time you do it there's a little twinge. but they love it here and they feel safe. so we're trying to foster that and let them know that things happen. >> reporter: bob cavano has two children that golakeshore school. >> it's unbelievable. i mean, there's no -- you know, i try to not have avoidance be my main defense. but in this case, that's part of what i need to keep going. >> reporter: he and his wife made sure their kids knew the shooting in connecticut was an isolated incident and didn't go into much detail. coping with last week's devastating tragedy has parents and teachers across the country reaching out for help.
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>> all the parents were very scared, you know, wherever you are. there's a lot of kids involved. >> reporter: san francisco unified school district along with others in the bay area say we are all grieving together. >> as educators, our hearts are broken and we are most definitely thinking of our colleagues in newtown, connecticut. >> reporter: the district will offer counselors to students, their families and educators dealing with trauma and stress. >> across the city you're going to see and you're going to experience and our schools are going to experience a coming together looking out for each other, trying identify who needs a little extra support today. and just looking out for one another today. >> reporter: the superintendent says the counselors and extra resources will be on hand for as long as they're needed. as for safety measures, i asked the superintendent if he planned any changes in the future. he says they are always looking for ways to improve safety but the focus will be on reinforcing the district's current plan to make sure everyone knows what to do just in case. in san francisco, cate
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caugiran, cbs 5. students in parts of west contra costa county live with violence all around them and even before the tragedy in connecticut, schools in the district have been beefing up security. cbs 5 reporter don ford shows us what they are doing to make students safer. >> reporter: high schoolers are practicing at a new gym and the coach says sports isn't the only thing they practice. >> safety is paramount for the west contra costa unified school district. we practice safety routines. we practice earthquake intruder, intruder alert, intruder with a weapon. >> reporter: only 3 years old, the middle school was designed from the ground up with security in mind. special sight lines with no hidden corners, over 100 cameras placed so that you hardly notice them. all connected with fiber-optics to a bank of digital video recorders. principal jose deleon says
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that's not all. >> our security staff, we also have sro, safety resource officer, which is from san pablo pd. >> reporter: the school district says of course safety has always been a priority with them for years and here at the helms middle school, san pablo police conducted their annual walk-through just last week. the district is in the middle of rebuilding many old schools with new bond money. during a working lunch, an architect says meeting today's modern security needs requires special schools. >> solutions that balance between making school look like a school and not a prison or jail. >> reporter: the trick is to have the security measures blend in so you don't notice. school board member charges ramsey remembers the past. >> -- charles ramsey remembers the past. >> we have had shooting on our school grounds so we have been very pro-active as a school district working with local law enforcement. >> reporter: but there's a price for safety.
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the projected tab for just the security systems alone is over $3 million. in san pablo, don ford, cbs 5. decorated war hero and long- time senator from hawaii daniel inouye has died. the democrat had represented hawaii in congress since it became a state in 1959. it was the highest ranking asian-american politician in u.s. history. as president pro tem of the senate he was third in line of secession to the presidency. the medal of honoree sipient was a fearless patriot who lost his arm in world war ii. >> senator inouye was a true patriot and american hero in every sense. >> inouye died in washington today after a brief hospitalization for respiratory problems. he was 88. the senator's office says his last word was, aloha. possible signs of compromise as republicans and
6:33 pm
the president try to avoid the "fiscal cliff." the u.s. government is now just under two weeks away from hitting the december 31st deadline it avoid that "fiscal cliff." going over will mean the highest tax increases in 60 years. house speaker john boehner is giving ground in the current negotiations. he is now offering to support tax increases for households making more than $1 million a year. that would be an in exchange for $1 trillion in entitlement cuts. speaker boehner also offered to increase the federal debt ceiling for another year but the white house says that's not going far enough. >> the president has always said that part of this is revenue and part is spending cuts and he is willing to make tough choices. >> a key part of negotiations, striking a deal that will have the support of enough democrats and republicans in congress. it was emotional but it was very heartwarming to just be
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able to go up there and know he's up there. >> praise for a pair of bay area police officers. how they helped save a life of a newborn. >> we're a team. so if one of us falls, the other has to help us. >> they had to grow up on their own after their mother died. how one sister helped her little sister rise above. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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were honored today for savi newborn's life. the bayview station officer responded to a call last wednesday about a woman bleeding. two san francisco police officers were honored for saving a baby. they responded to a call last wednesday, it was about a woman bleeding. a man on the street handed them an unresponsive baby. well, officers immediately knew what to do. they began cpr on the infant. >> having two young children i know what a baby looks like when it's first born. this wasn't right.
6:37 pm
no screaming, no crying. >> the baby was revived and taken to the hospital. he is doing well tonight. police believe the mother had a serious substance abuse problem. most of the teenagers chosen for students rising above are growing up without their parents. like our student tonight. and in her case, she was saved by someone who was just a kid herself. wendy tokuda explains. >> reporter: if you need a little hope this holiday season, this is a good story for you. our student tonight is rising above with a lot of help from her older sister. >> reporter: they are much more than sisters. their mother died when janelle was only 4 and jasmine has been raising her little sister primarily on social security survivor benefits. >> we're a team. so in one of us falls, the other has to help us. >> made a promise to myself that i would take care of
6:38 pm
jeanne will. but she could have at least a close enough type of life that she would have had if my mom were alive. >> we simplified the equation so the y intercept is 1. >> reporter: jeanell is a senior at berkeley high on track for college but it wasn't that way before she transferred here. >> she had had already academic failures. her grades were low. she had no confidence. >> reporter: their father has a gambling addiction. after their mother died it got worse. he would leave for days or weeks. >> what did you think? that he wouldn't come back and it was my fault that i was a bad daughter, that that i shouldn't be loved. >> reporter: he moved them to the philippines, then back to hayward. he gambled away his money. jassmin remembers one particular time when there was no food. >> i remember i was just rummaging for pennies and went
6:39 pm
to like a nearby liquor store and bought bread because i remember we had like peanut butter. >> reporter: finally it got so bad, jassmin at the age of 17 took total custody of 10-year- old jeanilljassmin was working and when she got into cal and started commuting jeanell was often alone. >> no one was there to protect me or no one really cared even though really my sister really, really cared and i appreciate her so much for that. >> reporter: but jeanell was struggling. her grades dropped to a 1.7. that's when the sisters moved to berkeley and jassmin gave jeanell a talk. >> even though you have some bad points in your life you don't make that keep your down. you have to keep going. >> reporter: jeanell decided to make a change. >> step by step by step i watched her increase her confidence. i watched her increase her
6:40 pm
skills. she was in control. >> if my grandma, if my mom, if my sister could do it all, then i can, too. and if i have gone this far, then i could go even further. >> reporter: her grades climbed to a b average. she took harder classes. >> she is amazing. she laughs more. she smiles all the time. >> reporter: when jeanell turns 18 her social security survivor benefits will end. she is not sure what she will do then. but she does know one thing. >> i don't want to give up and i want to be successful. and i don't want anything to stop me from that. >> reporter: this holiday season consider the gift of education. to help jeanell and other kids like her go to college, go to >> it's not an overnight transformation but it's a beautiful thing to see. >> yeah. it's tough for kids who don't have parents. >> it is. >> you know? >> beautiful story. >> thank you. >> two remarkable girls. >> very. >> thank you, wendy.
6:41 pm
robotic twins crash into the moon but hey, this is all according to nasa's big plans. the mission of the probes known as ebb and flow. >> temperatures have been ebbing and flowing but not that much. it's cold during the day and colder at night. here's your lows tonight, 30s again for you in napa, fairfield, concord, walnut creek, livermore. we'll talk about the prospects for cold weather and rain moving back in that and your forecast coming up. what the 49ers are saying now after earning some big-time respect. the as making a little noise. and san jose state has a new football coach! with local roots too. all of that and more straight ahead. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today. but that's all according to plan. engineers commanded t a pair of nasa spacecraft crashed into a mountaineer the moon's north pole today but don't worry it's according to plan. engineers commanded the twin spacecraft called ebb and flow to fire their engines and burn their fuel. the mission gave scientists an unprecedented look at our nearest neighbor. >> we know more about the gravity now of the moon than any other body in the universe
6:45 pm
and so this mission has been very successful and very proud of our team and unfortunately, it's time for it to end. >> nasa says it's dedicated the impact site in honor of sally ride, the first american woman in space. she died this year. paul deanno, better to crash into the moon's north pole this time of year than earth's. >> rule of thumb to live by. [ laughter ] >> try to do it every day. >> a segue alert. it feels like the north bay around here. chilly this weekend. some of you did not escape the 40s all day saturday. couple of degrees milder yesterday and some of you made it up to 60 degrees today. but we are going to stay chilly for the next several days. outside now chilly. san francisco 53. santa rosa 48. you will be in the upper 20s tomorrow night. our northern bay valleys may be
6:46 pm
below 30 degrees tomorrow night. the radar is clear. we have a scan from our south bay radar and hi-def doppler toward mount vaca. neither is pick up showers in the bay area. let's take you farther to the north up towards snoqualmie pass, washington. that's interstate 90. they had a blizzard warning in effect earlier today up to the feet of new snow. the interstate was closed for 90 miles because of high winds and heavy snowfall. close it there is lake stevens, washington. trees down, power lines down. localized wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour in western washington today. it was breezy and wet around here but nothing like it was up in the pacific northwest. we're not going to escape this pattern for a while. we have been cloudy for 19 of the past 25 days. we have been wet 12 of the past 19 days. we get a break from the wet because a cold front moved through today but we're still under the influence of arctic air. it is coming down from the arctic and we're look at all of that air from the gulf of
6:47 pm
alaska keeping us chilly tomorrow and wednesday, even though we'll be sunny. partly sunny skies tomorrow, mainly sunny skies wednesday but i will be cold. the next one gets here on thursday. low pressure retreats farther to the north opening the door for pacific storms to move in and once again like we were earlier this month we will be the bull's eye. this begins on thursday. and it will likely last for about 4 days. we are going to be wet so soggy start on thursday. between now and then we're dry, chilly with cold weather down near freezing coming up tomorrow night. highs tomorrow oakland 54. average high is 56. san jose you should be at 61. instead only 54 degrees. milpitas 54. fremont 53. highs tomorrow for pittsburg, antioch, fairfield, low 50s, napa 51 and san rafael and san francisco only in the low 50s tomorrow. extended forecast, we are dry but chilly tuesday and wednesday. then we are going to get wet thursday, friday, saturday and sunday.
6:48 pm
we are all looking at a chance of rain perhaps some clearing towards the top of next week which is christmas eve. but a wet shopping forecast for saturday and for sunday with highs only in the 50s with rain likely over the weekend. this is a great portion of our show. it's "food for bay area families." corinne is here from the emc corporation and you have the check which we'll get to but first tell us about your company's involvement in "food for bay area families." >> so emc is a proud sponsor of the second harvest holiday food drive. we give back to local communities. we are proud to be supporting local families in need with food. >> you are supporting big time so without further ado, let us know this awesome gift. >> we are proud to present second harvest with $100,000 for the holiday drive. >> wow! [ applause ] >> that's awesome. and that's a huge number. we thank you so much for that. but elissa, please tell us -- you' from second harvest. this is a lot of money. wore this go? tell us about this incredible
6:49 pm
need this time of year. >> we're so grateful to emc because this provides 200,000 meals to local families in need. our service area in santa clara and san mateo counties within those two counties we are serving nearly a quarter million people every month so that number could fill up at&t park in the city six times over. >> that's 250,000 people who are having problems supplying food for their families. >> struggling to put food on the table throughout the year. so emc squared is helping us year round. >> how can folks at home help out? >> every dollar donated to second harvest provides two nutritious meals so a gift of any amount goes to local families in need. >> thank you so much. thank you for the donation. thank you to emc and we'll be right back. ,, look, if you have copd like me,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. (blowing sound)
6:52 pm
team is 5-0 in prime-time games... ...after last nigh performance on a national s at new england... ...respect now? you betcha! " " 49ers still trending high. jim harbaugh team 5-0 now in prime time games after last night's perform on the national stage at new england. respect now? you betcha! >> we got doubters, i don't think they doubting us anymore. >> everybody picked us to lose. >> prove we can win.
6:53 pm
>> colin kaepernick survived a furious comeback by the patriots. here's the key touchdown of michael crabtree in the 4th quarter. kaepernick became the first 49er quarterback to toss 4 touchdowns since jeff garcia in 2003. jim harbaugh hopes everyone is all in on the 49er bandwagon now. >> used to live next to a train station in chicago. and the more you hear the train, the less you hear it. i feel that way with our team in terms of pressure and big games, you know, the more you hear it the less you hear it, the more you feel it the less you feel it. >> all right. once upon a time, ron replaced jim harbaugh as the head coach at the university of san diego when harbaugh took the stanford job six years. today caragher is replacing mike macintyre at san jose state. >> proud of you guys. >> the 45-year-old introduced himself to his new players
6:54 pm
today. he is a native of morgan hill with bellarmine prep. spent time with the recruiting coordinators for kentucky prior to that. >> i know there's ups and downs the last 25 years or so but maybe i can bring some consistency and keep it, you know, just build off what coach mac did here. >> both sides agreeing on a reported one year deal for 9.5 million dollars brought over to the as from the diamondbacks, stephen drew hit .250 with six home runs down the stretch. now, the as they didn't take long to find his replacement. oakland is expected to announce at a press conference tomorrow that they have signed japanese star hiroki nakajima,
6:55 pm
11 over in japan. a seven time all-star over there. if you were doing the holiday party tour this weekend here's what you missed. >> rams vikings danny a.m. dole la scores but on the spike the unfortunate usher... oh. faceful of pigskin. vikings adrian peterson is ridiculous. from knee surgery to 212 yards against the rams. been doing this all year. could be the all-time single season rushing king. he is 294 yards away. >> arizona teammates fighting each other on the sidelines at the new mexico bowl. the cat scored twice in 46 seconds to beat nevada by one. >> nba circus shot. that is spurs tony parker going crazy on the celtics. former warrior nate robinson is doing it for the bulls. scored at one end, and then at
6:56 pm
the other swats away brooks. that's a butte. buzzer beaters. good if it goes. oakland's finest, joe johnson from brooklyn to beat pistons in double overtime. >> love those, huh? hey, warriors tomorrow against new orleans. plenty of tickets apparently available. it's been some ride on the road for them. >> thank you, vern. you have three believers, 49er believers. >> i'm there. >> i didn't hear it anymore. >> loud then not loud. [ laughter ] >> all right. well, for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather are always on >> we can make it louder. >> start yelling. >> hey, super bowl would be loud, wouldn't it. >> we hear that. definitely. >> new orleans this year. >> yeah. >> you would hear that. >> oh, yeah. 10:00 on the cw, back here at 11:00 tonight. enjoy the evening. stay warm. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very y much. all right. hey, good. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. we got another good one for you today. returning for the second day, already with a total of $20,000, from woodstock, georgia, it's the ianitello family. first time ever, straight out of blackfoot, idaho, it's the kesler family.

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